“Exemplary mediator in all aspects”

“Simply an outstanding mediator in all respects, and I will continue to use her services and recommend her services without hesitation or reservation”

“Very smart, both intellectually and socially”

“Brilliant people person and lawyer. She has a rare combination of brains and emotional IQ”

“Very diligent and works hard on both sides. Great mediator”

“Relates to people on a personal level and is gifted in this respect”

“Very intelligent and has an outstanding grasp of the legal issues involved”

“Cases she did were exceptionally complex and difficult involving multiple parties and issues. She gets to the issues succinctly and keeps the parties focused on the way to resolve the matter”

“Has the ability to manage the parties’expectations of the process”

“Has the ability to listen, evaluate the case, and suggest solutions well”

“Has the ability to focus the other side on the key issues, as well as to relate and connect with all parties involved”

“My client’s trust in her made a decisive difference in the outcome”

“Exceptionally pleasant and is able to solve problems that arise among the parties to avoid impasse’

“The total package when it comes to a mediator, she “gets it””

“Quickly cuts to the core issues and effectively brings parties together – even in the most challenging of cases and circumstances”

“You were key to reaching resolution and I both appreciated and admired your approach”