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Attorney * mediator * arbitrator Susan G. Perin is a Houston-based lawyer who has handled over 1800 mediations and 200 arbitrations throughout her career. As an attorney who focuses exclusively on mediation and arbitration, she is able to provide alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services as alternatives to litigation.

With a commitment to mediation and arbitration, Ms. Perin handles a wide variety of complex cases - cases involving multiple parties, cases involving complex issues, and high dollar cases. To find out more about her ADR practice, please contact attorney Perin online.

Complex Mediation

Starting as a mediator in 1991, Susan G. Perin has now handled more than 1800 mediation cases throughout Texas and in other states. As one of the most experienced mediators in Texas, she now handles complex mediation cases.

What makes a case complex?

  • The number of parties involved - Cases involving multiple parties can be highly complex. Attorney Perin has extensive mediation experience involving multiple-party cases, which can include up to 15 or more separate parties, collective actions, and class actions.
  • The type of issue - Susan G. Perin has handled mediation and arbitration cases in nearly every area of the law, including difficult and complex issues within those areas.
  • The amount of money involved - Ms. Perin has experience handling cases in which many millions of dollars are at issue.

Attorney Perin handles cases involving commercial and business issues, construction disputes, employment law issues, real estate transactions, personal injury, insurance coverage issues, and many more. This experience allows her to come up with creative solutions on how to settle a variety of complex cases.

Complex Arbitration

Susan G. Perin started as an arbitrator in 1990, and since has handled over 200 cases. She has experience working as the sole arbitrator or on a panel of three arbitrators. Ms. Perin has experience arbitrating multiple party cases (up to 12 parties in one arbitration), and those involving high dollar amounts (multi-million-dollar cases.) Susan G. Perin has also been selected by the American Arbitration Association to serve as an arbitrator on its Large Complex Case Panel, on which claims usually exceed one million dollars.

Throughout her career, Susan G. Perin has served as an arbitration and mediation educator, authored articles and journals, volunteered her mediation services, and given numerous speeches in front of distinguished mediation and arbitration audiences.

To find out more about her complex mediation and arbitration case experience, contact Susan G. Perin today.

American Arbitration Association National Roster of Neutrals

Member of the American Arbitration Association Panel of Mediators • Member of the American Arbitration Association Panel of Arbitrators

Susan G. Perin
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